Entrance Music to your Persian wedding ceremony

 A great mix of classical and Persian wedding music. Ideal for a fun yet traditional and very Persian entrance 

A Persian Poem

شعر از فیض کاشانی



بیا تا مونس هم یار هم غمخوار هم باشیم

انیس جان غم فرسودهٔ بیمار هم باشیم

شب آید شمع هم گردیم و بهر یکدیگر سوزیم

شود چون روز دست و پای هم در کار هم باشیم

دوای هم شفای هم برای هم فدای هم

دل هم جان هم جانان هم دلدار هم باشیم

بهم یکتن شویم و یکدل و یکرنگ و یک پیشه

سری در کار هم آریم و دوش بار هم باشیم

بوقت هوشیاری عقل کل گردیم بهر هم

چووقت مستی آید ساغر سرشار هم باشیم

غم هم شادی هم دین هم دنیای هم گردیم

بلای یکدیگر را چاره و ناچار هم باشیم

بلا گردان هم گر دیده گرد یکدیگر گردیم

شده قربان هم از جان و منت دار هم باشیم

یکی گردیم در گفتار و در کردار و در رفتار

زبان و دست و پا یک کرده خدمتکار هم باشیم

نمی‌بینم به جز تو همدمی ای یار در عالم

بیا دمساز هم گنجینهٔ اسرار هم باشیم

Poem by Feiz Kashani



Come, let us be each other’s companion, each other’s confidant

When night falls, be candles that burn for one another

When day comes, be arms and legs in each other’s work

Be each other’s medicine, sacrifice, heart, soul, and consoler

Be one body, one color, one act, and be a shoulder to lean on

At time of sobriety, be each other’s wisdom

When it comes to drunkenness, be filled grails of wine for each other

Be each other’s sadness, happiness, world and spirit

Be the solution and remedy to each other’s misfortune

Become one in behavior, speech, and action

Share tongue, arms, and legs, to serve each other

My love, you are the only soulmate I see in this world

Come, let us be each other’s treasure chest of secrets

Ancient Persian Vows


متن عقد ایران باستان، عقد آریایی

 داماد : به  نام نامی یزدان تو را من برگزیدم از میان این همه خوبان  برای زیستن با تو   میان این گواهان ، بر لب آرم این سخن با تو ، وفادار تو خواهم بود در هر  لحظه هر جا ، پذیرا میشوی آیا؟

    عروس: پذیرا میشوم مهر تو را از جان، هم اکنون باز میگویم میان انجمن با تو  ، وفادار تو خواهم بود در هر لحظه هر جا    

Groom: In the name of the Almighty I have chosen you  from among all noble ladies, to live with you. In front of these witnesses, I say these words to you: I will be faithful to you at every moment and everywhere. Will you accept me?

Bride: I will accept your kindness with all my heart, I will repeat now amidst this gathering, that I will be faithful to you at every moment and everywhere

Sofreh Items

Mirror & Candlesticks



The mirror is placed at the head of the spread facing the bride and groom, so that as the vows are being read, they would look in the mirror together and their hearts will be as bright and shiny toward each other as the mirror.

A pair of candlesticks with lit candles are placed on each side of the mirror. They have to be lit during the reading of the vows to represent light and warmth in their union.

Crystallized Sugar



Sugar is present in the Sofreh of a Persian wedding ceremony in numerous forms, but this one has a deeper significance because it is crystallized. The process of crystallization of this type of sugar takes time, therefore having this bowl on the Sofreh Aghd is for wishing the bride and groom in this Aghd ceremony, a long lasting sweet life together. A sweetness that meets the test of time and takes a long period of time to come about.




Symbol of fertility and procreation. May you bring many children into this world!




Nuts represent abundance and having food even in the long nights of winter.

Coins & Candy


Noghl & Sekkeh

Candy means sweetness of their life together, and coins represent wealth




Harmal seeds or wild Rue (espand)

It is known as the plant of gods and is considered sacred and is to ward off the evil eye

Bread & Cheese & Vegetables



This is also to represent abundance, and an open spread of food essentials

Sugar Cones



It is one of the main traditions of the aghd ceremony to have a few happily married ladies rub two sugar cones together above the heads of our bride and groom, while they are sitting under the cloth of happiness. This signifies adding the sweetness of their happy lives onto this new married life that is about to begin

Book of Poetry



In our culture, poetry is extremely important and prevalent in people’s everyday life. The works of our great poets like Rumi, Hafiz, Saedi, Ferdowsi, Khayyam, and others are known by almost all Iranians



They add freshness and beauty to their life together 



They are nature's gifts



It is to represent the sweet taste of their love. They are going to feed each other honey at the end of the ceremony, right after the vows